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Thursday, 22 March 2018

FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY in the light of Predictions | World's of new Technologies

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FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY | Living in the 21st century era, everyone of us is interested in technology. We often think what incredible change will technology bring us in future. Let's talk about some interesting predictions about future of technology. There are many predictions circulating around which we hear now a days. So, what are the current predictions and possibilities being imagined in the world of technology. We are going to discuss this in our article today.

From floppy drive to today's mini memory cards which have the capacity of many gbs, the evolution that we have seen is really incredible. In such a scenario, the intruding question is where would this lead us and what possible outcomes it would bring to us. There are numerous predictions about it. The first concept that we are going to discuss is 3d printed human organs. Simply said, we would be able to print a heart, a liver or any other organ. The word print here refers to actually create an organ similar to original one. So, if someone's organ get damaged, or if a person wants to replace his/her organ, it would be done easily. It's like a factory in which we can make certain things. Whether it's a  heart, liver or kidney, we'd be able to replace it. In this way, our health care system could get improved to a great extent. Till now, we are able to cure the diseases, but the idea to replace an organ is possible in future according to some theories. It may occur sooner, or if not sooner it is considered as impossible now. Some people think we would be able our average age if we are able to replace  or cure over body organs.

After this, let's talk about wandering in the universe future technologies, Humans have reached to Moon, now they are focusing on Mars. It is being said that humans will be able to reach Mars till 2025 or 2030. Some are thinking to build colonies there also. Despite this, can we consider it as end. Now the predictions says that our vision will be more broad in future. Like where would be able to go in universe or what will we explore next? So, it is not out of possibilities that, in future we would be wondering in some other planet of the universe. A group of people would even decide to live in some other affordable  planet. Who knows!

The next prediction that we are going to discuss is slightly frightening. Have you ever heard about neuro-hacking. This concept actually means that with the help of some technologies, scientists would be able to read a person's mind. For example what he/she is thinking or whatever is going on in a person's mind. Here, it becomes slightly complicated that how and where this technology would be implied? In what way, it would help mankind. What if you are able to read the person's mind sitting in front of you? How would you judge his/her thoughts? So, this is one striking prediction about future that is being discussed in some school of thoughts. The research is continuously done by scientists about neuro-hacking, which can bring unimaginable outcomes in future.

Another Future Technology Predictions which is being circulated now a days is about quantum-computing. In this field, the work is already going very fast. As we can see, the electronic are getting into mini sizes day by day. At first, a computer was as much bigger like a room, ans today even in a mobile phone there's a mini computer. Now, the question is how we can progress in this field. In quantum computing, it is expected to get incredible speed. It becomes very hard to imagine the increase of computer speed. The chips will become more smaller but their performance will be greater. It might happen in upcoming years.

The next concept which we are going to discuss is also frightening, which is about dark web or dark networks. The more technology is progressing and information is spreading all over the world, there are certain negative outcomes also i.e, dark web, deep web. So, things might grow also to such extent that cyber security might get damaged. Some hackers would try to target specific users for their own beneficial purposes, or other such negative aims. So, cyber security would be deal cautiously in future according to predictions, otherwise we could face problems.

If we focus on a fascinating prediction in Future World which would make our lives much easier is universal translator. As a matter of fact, we all know one language at least which is generally called mother tongue or native language. In addition to this we learn another language if we migrate to some other language-speaking area or if we learn a language to improve our professional skills. Still, we face a communication problem when don't have a common language with our colleagues or school mates. This problem will soon diminish when we get universal translator which will translate a language into another language in real time. For example, with the help of a single mini chip, a language "A" will be directly converted into language "B". This technology will bring big change because we would be able to communicate with anyone whatever place he/she belongs to. Life would be more comfortable, and we won't need any third spokes person to speak for us.

Last but not the least, 'space elevator' is the concept in the world of technology which would change the future, according to predictions. Some argue that it is impossible but still, scientists are arguing about this. Space elevator is actually a lift system which would be constructed to the heights of space, to take us into the space. Now, this kne is interesting which possibly says that we will develop a giant elevator system which would change the technology of rocket launching.  All these predictions are very interesting which might be considered true or false.

Who knows that what we see in science fiction movie can become a reality. It often happens that we have all the resources but just the lack of a good idea. If we work on that idea, we most get our destinations. So dear readers, in this article we have talked about certain predictions about future of technology which will great change the way we live our lives in this world. In the end, we would like to hear from you. Let us know what prediction caught your attention and give your feedback in the comments below.

We hope this Article helped you please write down comment if you have any suggestion or any thing to ask. know more about technology of the future. 

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